Spaced Rocks Source Code

You can now download and use the source code for Spaced Rocks. I’ve made the repository public on Please feel free to use, extend or do whatever you want with it. Keep in mind that this was an exploratory project to broaden my understanding as to how Godot works. So please don’t expect a super clean repository. You’re expected to find a few things that may need some polishing up.


Space Rubble

For my first attempt at building a game I thought I’d start small. Something easy that would teach me about the Godot game engine. Something really easy like Pong. I decided against this and went with something a little bit more elaborate like an Asteroids clone. I mean, how difficult could this be?

So started the development of Spaced Rocks! I would use Godot version 3.2 Mono version which uses C# as it’s scripting language instead of Godot’s native Python like GDScript. The title quickly change from Spaced Rocks to Space Rubble. I mean, why call it Spaced Rocks? It’s not like the rocks we’re spaced away from each other or something. Space Rubble seamed like a way better name because that’s kind of what you do in this game, clear space of it’s rubble.